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Friday, January 1, 2010

01-01-10 Family outing at Kilombun

today is the first outing for my whole family..cousins and aunts were all there..we went for a camping at the river..we eat together,we swim and we also had was a very fun day outing with my family today..i had a lot of fun coz we rarely went out together..what a great day to start the year of 2010..there was a scary moment while we were busy having a big laugh..there was a weird voice imitating our laugh and it came from the was so loud and i was kinda scared..well,that happen when you too busy having fun that you forgot to pray for God!we kinda forgot to start our activity with prayer so i guess evil is trying to scares us so i immediately pray silently to God and ask Him to take care of us..just a short simple prayer but i know He is listening coz after that,we still having more fun and most of all,we're still alive,safe and sound!Thank you Lord!

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