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Sunday, January 3, 2010


it's 2.50 am in the morning and i just came back from Asnah's house..we hangout and shared some of our personal stuffs..i used to scared bout the 'sharing' thingy coz i think its useless and just a waste of time but the 'sharing' we had just now really gave me a big impact..i never thought sharing my personal stuff with other will cause me such a big 'release'..the stuff that i'm dealing with now is actually very common and my friends is actually experiencing the same thing!i learnt a lot through our sharing moment just now and i think i just 'grew up' a little bit from it..we discussed bout our relationship with God,the constant battle in adulthood for example,love and the time i finished telling them about the thing that really bugging me lately,i felt so actually helps..a lot..i keep asking God to send me a 'person' to be my bestfriend who i can talk to and listen to all of my problems but i never realized that the 'bestfriend' i've been asking for is already there and never leave me..God,i'm sorry..i've been blinded by my sorrow and pain that somehow made me forget about a 'bestfriend' that has always been there for's YOU!Bapa sentuh hatiku,ubah hidupku menjadi yang baru!


banoch said...

i like!! thats it...

Reynold Spine said...

hahaha!see,i can beat karam singh walia's ass!haha!