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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


so,i went to KB just now to meet and old friend of mine..i knew him since i was in lower six(SMKN) few years ago and we became a very good friend since then..i haven't see him in few months since he joined the police..he is working now in Bukit Aman,KL and he is on Christmas holiday for a few days now but he will return to KL this coming Sunday..we hangout for almost an hour at KFC(he do the paying..haha!) and we chat non-stop till we finally decided to call it a day..

nothing changed about him,he still the same old carls i knew back then in high school few years ago..i sms my friend Eva telling her i'm having a little reunion with carls at KFC and she's like,'the fair and lovely guy ka?'haha..yes Eva,that 'fair and lovely' guy..haha!but he is a policeman now so he is not as white as you used to see him before..he is slightly darker nowdays..he's a police,what do you expect??haha!

he told me that Willy is married..damn!how could that son of a bitch never told me bout him getting married!haha!but anyway,i wish him all the best..i miss all my friends back in SMKN years..some of them i never met again since Upper Six ended..

i wonder how is everybody are they look like now..especially all the 86' babies..the fun we had together,i wouldn't trade it for anything in this world..what a precious moment..Tracy,hey..bring your baby to meet his uncles and aunts bah..we would love to know him,our little nephew..haha!

who else aa...gosh,a lot of name came through my mind but one thing for sure,it was a very good memories..all the puppy love i had,the fight,escaping first girlfriend,first date,first kiss(ada kaitu aa?haha..)

i was driving my own car all form 6 years(lower and upper 6) and it was actually fun and cool to drive your own car to school(well,its my mum's car but what hers is mine..haha)one thing i like about driving my own car to school is,if my pengawas friend warn me that they will have 'spotcheck' after recess,i just simply drive myself home..haha..owh,this is the great one,buli antar2 sumandak balik rumah dia..haha!

i had a great time while i was in my SMKN years..hopefully one day i can meet all my old friends back..SMKN,what a taught me a lot!

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