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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

when life gives you lemons..

so i was browsing for a nice uplifting quotes just now and i passed by this very interesting article that really opened up my eyes,my mind and my heart..i bet yours will too when you finish reading this(hopefully),here it goes..

by Chris,

38 year old father of three (two, four and six), husband of 8 years, recovering drug addict (2 years sober), survivor of Paternal Post Natal Depression, pet owner (2 dogs), professing Christian, cigar loving IT Guy with Attention Deficit Disorder. Somehow he finds the time to share it all with you.

We all know the old saying, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade“. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were all that easy? The truth is, while making lemonade sounds like a wonderful thing, it can often be painful as the lemon juice will find its way into every paper cut you have, even the tiny ones that you do not see. You see, making lemonade implies making the most of a bad situation. Sometimes it is very easy to do that, but often people will take a bad situation and just sweep it under a rug and smile and pretend that everything is okay.

Man, is that a dangerous move. You can’t just make the best of it and pretend that the situation isn’t a mess in the first place. You have to carefully deal with it and put it to rest so that it doesn’t cause you additional pain. In other words, before you deal with a bad situation, make sure that you cover your paper cuts. You must make sure that you don’t let the current situation get interspersed with the wounds that you have received along life’s way.

Dealing with a bad situation is not easy. It certainly isn’t as easy as making lemonade, but it can be as rewarding and refreshing as drinking down a big icy glass. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as we sometimes make things. Here are four things to remember about dealing with life’s lemons.

1. Forget the past! When dealing with a bad situation in the present, don’t bring up the past. The past is done and you can not change it. You can afffect the present and future though. It’s okay to use experience that you have gained from the past, but don’t confuse the past with the present.

2. Deal with it! Don’t allow this situation to become a paper cut from your past that will burn the next time you make lemonade. Deal with it as soon as humanly possibly. Don’t put it off and don’t sweep it under a rug.

3. Finish it! When possible, deal with a difficult situation and be done with it. Don’t let it linger. If you make lemonade and let it sit without drinking it too long it doesn’t taste very good.

4. Learn from it! Next time the difficult situation arises, you will better know what to do if you learn. How do you think lemonade recipes get better and easier? You learn and improve the recipe.

When life hands you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade, but cover your paper cuts and drink it quickly and clean up your mess. You never know when you will need to make lemonade again.

Nice eh?nah,read some more..i managed to 'squeezed it out' from the's hilarious!hahah!now c'mon everybody!lets just laugh! :D

~When life gives you lemons suck out all of the vitamin C and yell “EAT THAT, LIFE!

~When life gives you lemons ask for salt and tequila!

~When life gives you lemons, make orange juice, then wonder how the heck you did it.

~When life gives you lemons, collect them one day life will stop and u would have the most lemons ever.

~When life hands you lemons make lemonade and find someone else who life handed vodka to, and have a party

~When life gives you lemons alter their DNA and make super lemons!!!

~When life gives you lemons just shut up and eat your damn lemons

~When life gives you lemons sell them on ebay,

~When life gives you lemons when no one is looking, throw them through life’s window and run away.

~When life gives you lemons, squirt the juice in his eye

~When life gives you lemons, find a kid with a paper cut

~When life gives you lemons, ask for the receipt

hahah~nite peeps!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bitter truth,sweet lies..

i'm starting my update today with a phrase'
"i rather be hurt by the truth than to be comforts by the lies"

i always believe that honesty is the strongest foundation in any relationship and there is no,never,such thing as sweet lies,comfort lies,white lies or whatever you call it in any given circumstances because lies will always be lies and no matter how kind or how relevant the excuse of making one,lets say the intention is to cover up the real truth to protect someone from getting hurt by it because its too much to handle or just simply too bury up a stupid mistake that could possibly ruin a relationship or worst,to ruin a trust.

lies will always be wrong no matter how sweet and how fascinating it sounds.for example you compliments your friends for their appearance on one particular day because you don't want them to feel bad and you want to boost up their confidence by giving them insincere credits when the truth is,clown outfit looks better than your friend's ugly dress..wouldn't it be nice if you just tell her the truth so she can change for a better look rather than letting her go out to the public with wardrobe malfunction?its not going to be pretty when your friend found out what you've could destroy a once solid friendship just by not saying the little truth!

as for bitter truth, can't change the fact that truth can be a little hurt sometime but its even more painful when you learn that the truth you've been told all this while was actually just a lies but truth on the other hand,thou its hurt its the real thing.face it and find a way to handle it.stop filling yourself with sweet lies,stop telling others with with lies coz at the end of the day,the truth will come out eventually and you will regret it for not telling the truth at the beginning..

Trust is earned and honesty is the best way to achieve it so bitter truth?sweet lies?i choose truth! :)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A weekend with vampires~

so,it's been a few days i haven't post any update here and i kinda miss,i'm back on updating..
there is not much to update but i'm still going to continue blah-blah-blah-ing in here coz..ITS MY FRIGGIN' BLOG!...duhhhh! :)

so,my entire weekend this time,i was badly preoccupied by Vampires..i met a lot and boy,turn me into one coz now i'm obsessed with them!Lol~well,i wasn't exactly met one..all i'm saying is,i bought this Vampire Diaries season 1 complete DVD and i'm stuck on my sofa watching it all day through out this weekend.

The Vampires Diaries-i must say,it really got me addicted and i can't wait to have the second season complete DVD..a lot of drama in it,a lot of lip-locking too!haha~oh well..i think my weekend this time around was ok..went to here and there..home..hanging out with friends and family..just the same old stuff..

ok then,i'm yawning pretty bad now and i think i'm off to bed,good night peeps...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


toothache fixed!
yeah!no longer in pain and i can rest well tonight...
so,i went to see the Dentist today at Tuaran and after anxiously waiting for about an hour an a half,they call me in..i was a little bit nervous since this is my first time at the dentist after few years passed.i don't know what to expect coz i don't quite remember how it feels like having my bad teeth was a long-long time ago and one thing for sure,the pain of the needle is going to be the same but i was wrong..

the doctor rub my gummy around the bad teeth that she was about to remove with some kind of liquid that end up numbing that particular area so that it doesn't feel hurt when the needle that injects me with even more powerful numbing drug is injected.She let the drug settle for a few good minutes and while we were waiting for it to kick up its tool on me,we chat a little together with this one cute assistant of her..yeah,cute babe..

they put few cute toys and doll hanging on the dentist lamp and i assume that the purpose of it is to comfort their scared little patient while the treatment in,i ask the dentist assistant 'berkesan juga kaini patung sama tu budak2?' and she reply me 'ofcourse,some of them even want to bring it home with them'....'so if i got scared,can i have it and bring it home with me?",i joked at the dentist assistant..she just reply me with smile..(i guess its a NO or she thinks i'm a chicken by saying that!)

the doctor come back to me and continue the process on me and the next thing i know,"you're done",the doc said and i was like "what?that fast?seriously?"..she showed me my teeth and "owh..ok then.." i pay them RM50 for the treatment and then i proceed to 1Borneo but before that,sempat juga saya bertukar2 facebook sama tu nurse2 sana...yahuuuu!

A lady stopped me while i was walking at 1B and asked me "are you okay?you got blood on your mouth boy.."and so i sweep it with my hand and there was a blood coming out from my mouth,"yeah..i'm fine..i just had my bad teeth removed just now at dentist..".the lady suggests my to buy cotton at the pharmacy and i followed her advice.that was embarrassing!i didn't realized the blood coming out from my mouth coz my lips was so numb at that wonder people keep staring at me masa tu!

nah,i give you the very picture of my teeth..saya minta ni gigi saya tadi..haha...ewww!

puas hati la..finally,no more toothache!tenkiu tenkiu tenkiu!selesanya!
hahaha~thats all for today...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


ok..i'm in a great agony right now..i got fever,headache and toothache all coming at once and this cute body of mine cannot take it anymore!LOL~

well,i don't mind the fever and the headache but the gigi,arghh!i haven't got toothache since i was 8 and now,few years later(MANY YEARS LATER!),it strikes back..after few good years of free-toothache,i somehow forget how it feels like to have a toothache..seriously,was it really hurt like what i'm experiencing now,or was it just me,over-reacting coz this is 'all so new-again' for me?

i don't blame the pain,i blame me for not taking good care of my teeth and failed to maintain the good momentum of having such good and healthy teeth..well.'serves your sorry @$ enol!'..your problem is the result of your own bad behaviour, and you deserve it big time!

bagus saja baini gigi saya but tiba2 itu tampal dia tetanggal(mcm balan2)jadi itu lubang dia terexposed la..its not like i didn't do anything bout it ba..i went to the dentist at Hospital Kerajaan and they keep putting me on appointment after appointment and i got tired of waiting,i was like.."aik..when are they going to fix my teeth ni kalau mcm ni?duluan lagi kena kejar sakit gigi ni drp kena tampal!",here i am now,in pain,cursing the dentist that handle my case!even drinking cold water pun became a very hard thing to do since the teeth so sensitive to it..any contact with cold water will put me in HELL!

last night was a nightmare!Good sleep?hmm..i wish!by the way,i'm going to Tuaran later on to get this problem fixed..can't afford to carry on like this coz i can't bear it any longer!arghh!a friend just recommend me a good Dental Clinic at Tuaran and i can't wait to go..

so,i think thats all for now..i love blogging..if you don't like it,i don't see why i have to give a damn bout it kan?hehehehe!~

Clueless night!

i was a little bored tonight..wait,i think the word 'little' does not suit my condition right now..okay,yes!i'm soooooo friggin' bored,i couldn't even think of something nice to write tonight but since i have promised myself to make a daily update,i guess i have to juga la...

by the way,i'm a bit clueless bout what i'm going to write tonight since i have headache and bad fever on my resume right now but saya akan tetap menggagahkan diri untuk mengupdate this humble blog of mine ini (bagi tidak mengecewakan peminat)wakakak!

so,i'm just gonna write about random thoughts yang sedang melimpas-limpas di kepala saya,its raining now..i love rain..especially time2 mau gives a very deep calming sense thats so to say,hearing the raindrops is like a good therapy for me..buat saya teringat yang dulu2..'memori daun pisang saat turun hujan..'ada bah ni satu kenangan masa budak2..umur saya 14 tahun kali tu...tingkatan 2 kenen..masa tu sukan bah di padang sekolah..saya duduk sama ini satu sumandak..then suddenly hujan turun,berdua la kami berpayung(dia ada bawa payung masa tu) dalam hujan and my other friends yg ada di sana like,'wooooohhhhh!"...sempat jg kami couple dulu but skejap ja.. :) bah...cukup laitu kalau pasal yang ini..haha!

so,what else aa..hmm...hujan semakin lebat..jangan saja banjir..bah..thats all for today..sorry for the lack of idea today..nite people.. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bathroom Singer/kitchen singer :)

good evening everybody!
how do you like the title of my entry today?ring a bell?LOL~
i know everybody can relate to this topic right?yeah...
bathroom star?kitchen star?..everybody love singing,doesn't matter if you're good at it or not but you just can't help the fact that singing is a very fun thing to do and there is no limit to can sing everywhere you want and whenever you like,out of tune or tone deaf,we don't give a damn..singing is fun and free and everybody can enjoy it!

so,bathroom star?kitchen star?i raise my hand and i rest my case!lol~yeah,i always love singing ever since i was little and until now my singing habit hasn't change a bit..i'm still singing as loud as i can,adding my own original twist to it and cooking..huh?haha..singing in the kitchen is a must for me.doesn't matter when i'm cooking or doing the dirty dishes,singing is always there to 'enter frame'...haha~

how i wish to have karaoke set in my kitchen or in my bathroom but my my mom would be so against it coz she know how severe my singing in the bathroom case is..i could spend hours of time belting high notes in the shower while the water is still running but good thing bout living at kampung,the water is free so you don't have to worry bout the,if you're living in a big city,avoid singing with open running water and if you're singing while cooking for food,jangan sampai hangus aa,especially girl...nanti kena kurang berian..kena cakap tidak pandai masak.. :P

i don't have the greatest voice in the world,that i admit but who care?lets just sing like there's no tomorrow!

p/s: do you know that singing also burn calories?i don't!but according to google,yes it does!but i'm still fat anyway..hahaha!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Jom Jimat...~money makes the world go round!

good evening everybody..woah,i feel like i've been injected with some kind of turbo power lately coz updating blog used to be so boring to do but recently,hari2 saya p update kenen...bagus la bah kan..

as the matter of fact,i've no idea what so ever of what i'm going to write today but still i wanna make an update to my blog.ok,here goes nothing(hopefully something will come up but till then,i'm gonna carry on mumbling like a moron) :)

so,i went to Pekan Kota Belud just now..the idea is to buy reload coupon for my prepaid phone coz i'm running away of 'credit'..well,duhhh...why do i need to reload my phone's credit if i still got plenty kan?so,here is the story..i was waiting for my subsidi pertanian since early of this month,been checking it out with the bank to see if its already banked in or not everytime i go to pekan but up until just now,the money has not been banked in yet.i was a little upset and worried a little coz i'm already out of,i decided to give it a check via electronic card for the last time just be honest,to see the credit balance inside my account was a bit frustrating coz obviously i need money to survive the world!

sceptically inserted the ATM card inside the machine,i was like "tiada juga ni..cuba2 sajalah..mana tau ada...harap2..."..syukurlah ni kali ada duit masuk..heheh~so,i stare at the money and swear to myself...i'm going to be very berjimat lepas ni!

i have a very bad spending habit..its not like i have lots of money to spend but can do la kalau mau enjoy2..i usually spend my money on food,jalan2 entertaining myself at KK ,belanja kawan(baik hati nyaaaa...wakaka) n bikin reload hempon..ini la yang bikin kasi abis duit saya..

so,while i was shopping for groceries just now at G*Mart,saya BERTEKAD,from now on,i have to be more careful with my money..i dont have to buy everything i want,i just going to buy things yang perlu saja..thats is so not hot having no money due to your unprofessional financial managing...wakaka..

so this coming month(April),i want to ;
1.list down stuff that i wanna buy.
-this will help you not to buy the unnecessary item and end up over budget like i always did.
kenen mau beli satu baju,tapi telimpas seluar lawa trus beli dua-dua.. :P

2.kalau ada kawan bawa jalan,saya mau cakap sedia "bah..masing-masing aa..american style"
-tp tidak juga la bah mau kedekut..buli baitu kalau mee sup-mee sup saja.. :)

3.tidak mau lagi selalu jalan2 cari pasal.mahal itu minyak
-berjalan bila perlu..tidak payah asal boring saja,p jalan2..p la berkebun kaa...kasi bersih rumah ka..wakaka

4.handphone-isi satu kali saja 1 bulan tp RM30 punya...
-tidak payah begayut saja sama daling..isimis seja bah..kalau tiap jam mau bertelfon,mana tahan..Money does not grow on trees you know..wakakak!!(siapa la sumandak saya ni..) :P

-i weigh myself yesterday and i'm 86kg...shuuut!no more jalan2 cari makan so automatically duit pun jimat...heheh!

i want to reinvent myself this coming month..not just financially but semua-semua lah..its time to change for the better.i feel like i've been living too much fairy tale now and i'm sick of it.gotta change the way i think,the way i carry myself..let it all go baby!

money makes the world go round!tp kalau tiada duit pun dunia masih buli begerak tp tunggang,jom jimat!!!! :)

bah,thats all for now...tomorrow is a new day,and i'm feeling good...have a nice rest!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too little too late

hey..rajin pula saya update blog this post is one of the short story i used to write on my early involvement with facebook.well,i'm not a very good writer la bah juga but i really enjoy writing ever since i can remember..when i was a kid,i remember writing a 'puppy love letter' to the girl i like and my choice of word if pretty power lah for a 9 year old boy.. :P
i write short poem,lyrics(i can still remember all the words clearly till this day)..pretty jiwang la most of it but it was a very good therapy for me..growing up was a very hard time for me since my dad n my mom got divorced when i was only 9 years old so i turn to pen n paper for a helps me a lot.. :)

tidak mau cakap bnyk la..just enjoy this short story and i hope you can learn something from it.. :)

Too little to late
by Enol Spine on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 8:01pm

scene ---outside woman house----

MAN - so i guess i'm not getting your answer tonight?

WOMAN - i'm so sorry..i'm still thinking..sorry to keep you waiting..but,i cant give u the exact answer yet.i'm still considering..lets not rush on this babe..

MAN - considering what babe?am i not good enough for you all this while?we've been seeing each other for like,the longest time..whats more to wait?lets take it to the next level..i promise to love you with all my heart and soul..lets not wait any longer just to figure out our feeling..

WOMAN - but..i still wanna have fun..

MAN - so,it's a NO?

WOMAN - i can't say NO neither YES at the moment..i like you but whats the diffrent the "i love you" words will brings?we're still together aren't we?eventhou we're not exactly a couple..beside,i like what we have now..not fully commited..

MAN -so,is that what you afraid of?a commitment?well then..i'm sorry for rushing you into this..i just hope,one day when you are ready to commit on this ,it's not too late for us..

WOMAN - what do you mean about "too late"?are you seeing someone else other than me?are you going somewhere far??

MAN - i'm not going anywhere babe..i will always be here for you eventhou our relationship is nothing more than just a friend and it will never change the way i feel about are my everything..

the man give a long kiss to the woman's cheeks with tears falling down from his eyes."Goodbye babe..thanks for everything.." he said quietly."for what babe?"the woman replied.silent.he turn his back form the woman sight and head to his car.'strange'says her heart..'stop him..ask him to stay the night with you..'says her heart again..but she's too insensitive to understand her feeling..'you love him..u knew it..deep inside..go tell him!'..'ok! stop it!'she's in a battle with her own feeling..

6 a.m in the!after an anxious "sleepless night waiting for tommorow" she had last night,she's instantly reach for her phone the moment she woke up from her 'so-called' sleep and start dialing his number.'this is the day!i will let you know how much i love you and how lonely i am without you around..i'm so sorry for being so hard-headed all this while..'.."what??no answer!",she yelled unpatiently..dialing..again and again..still no answer.."damn!"she grunt.

suddenly the telephone rings.with a hopefull smile she run toward the phone to pick it up.

"hello...jake!thank god u called!i'm sorry for being such a dumbass,hard-headed bitch,you name it,i deserved it but listen to me..jake,i love doubt..i do..i really really do!"

"'s me..jake's mother..."

"what?whr..~ where's jake? he there?..let me talk to him..i got something urgent and important to tell him..please.."

"samantha,jake is here..but he cant talk to you..he will never ever talk to you ever again.."

"was it something i said last night??i admit it..i was insensitive..i'm guilty as charged..but please..i gotta speak with!"

"samantha..jake's gone..."

"what do you mean he's gone?..gone where?"

"he died last nite after he got involved in a car-accident while he was on the way home..i'm sorry samantha..i wish i could break this to you in good way but i guess there's no better way to.."


'noo....i should've stop you last tell you how i really feel..i should have never ever let you go last night..jake..i love you!'

but everything is just too little too late...

Friday, March 18, 2011

BFF ~Bestfriend Forever :)

so..i was checking up my FB just now on NOTE section and suddenly my eyes caught something...LOL~ i used to write short story before on my early involvement with facebook and this is one of the short story that i wrote myself and without shame,post it on Facebook..

by Enol Spine on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 2:11pm (actual date of the post)

this story is basically about two man with strong friendship and as the matter of fact,this was actually my own conversation with a friend of mind few years back.A person that i consider my very bestfriend that happen to move to 'a place' far away to build a new life.Haven't heard any news from him ever since but hopefully he is doing great with his life,it's been years now but still,miss you so much buddy..wherever you are,you know i got your back!

this isn't the 100% coversation lah but safe to say,its pretty much close..enjoy!


BFF~Bestfriend Forever
by Enol Spine on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 2:11pm

"dude, are really leaving tommorow?"

"yeah man..i finally got the chance to pursue my dream..a dream that i was never expect to happen but it finally did.."

"man i'm so happy for you..congrats.."

"are you ok man?because you doesn't sounds like one.."

"i'm fine really..dont mind me.."

"show some excitement will ya!is this how you treat your bestfriend before he leave the state tommorow?c' me some teeth!"

"stop teasing me!i'm happy and i'm excited,it just..i'm not good at showing it!now stop the tickle thingy!its not funny!"

"what???(burst into a big laugh),man..i'm your best buddy like,forever..this is so not you,you little monkey..where all those crazy dance go??c'mon man.."

"shut the fucking up!..its clear!i'm not happy!"

"because of what?i dont understand.."

"because of you leaving me tommorow..i dont want it to happen.."

"hey,but aren't you the one who encouraged me to do this at the first place?you told me to go for the job interview,saying that you have a good feeling about this and now that its already in my hand,you dont want me to go??"

"oh no..dont get me wrong..i'm happy about the fact that you got this job,that you finally got the chance to spread your wing but i hate letting you go..we're bestfriend,i cant help it but to feel sad and it wrong for me to feel that way?!"

"man,please dont make it any harder for me!i'm the one whose leaving!its twice harder for me!knowing that i'll be facing a new world,a new life without all my friends and family...without you..but this is life..we have to move forward..unlike you..stuck in this place should find out whats life really mean dude!go get a life out there!"

"dude!above all people,i thought as a bestfriend,you would understand more why i'm still here and never leave..if only i could,i'd be gone by now but i have a greater responsibilty here than out there!mark that and dont you ever speak like you know everything bout me!see,you already changed and you haven't even make a single step yet"

"then stop getting in my way!"

"i didnt..have i asked you to stop?NO!"

"damn!why did you have to complicate things up man?"

"i'm just..i'm not used not having you around..whose gonna listen to my stupid break-up story when you're not here?whose gonna laugh at my jokes when i made one?and you havent teach me how to drift a car yet!"

*both laughing*

"silly boy!you deserved a spank in the ass for this damn shit!i'm leaving but it wont change the fact that i'm your best mate..always will and always be..forever!you still can share everything with me and so do i.."

"promise me something dude.."

"anything you said asshole.."

"stop teasing me already!promise me that you will always be there when i need you.."

"i promise! have to buy me a flight ticket for that.."


"easy bro.."

...laugh again....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hutang oh hutang..

its 12.30am now and i'm still up..night is still young bilang urang..a bit sleepy but still have the energy to stay up late..actually i was planning to get my sleep a little bit earlier today but as usual,kalanut jg masa..staying up late at night has really been a habit of mine nowdays..i used to sleep at 10.00pm sharp before coz i strongly believe that having enough sleep is a mandatory since many suggests that we have to take at least 8hours of sleep everyday but now,look at me!still rocking my blog (and facebook) :P

its still the first week of the month and i am already running out of money..yeah,its sucks.i bought a second hand PC from a friend of mine last month and since i didn't have enough money to fully purchase it at that time,she generously allowed me to pay for the computer twice..i already pay half of the money last month and i finished paying the left yesterday so now you can consider me as pokai.again, sucks but on the other hand,i feel relief coz i managed to pay my hutang with my very own money.I hate berhutang! :)

so..pernahkah orang berhutang sama kau?yeah,i have few people who owe me some money and they never pay it back.its been months,some even years that if i kasi bunga the hutang,it would probably jadi taman sudah..i'm not saying that i have lots of money, just,who wouldn't help a friend in need right?.."geng,saya perlu duit bah..ada betul-betul minta tulung..nanti saya bayar juga cepat-cepat bah.." He even pinky swear me and as a VERY concern friend(yes i am),i lend him few amount of money(see..saya kasi pinjam juga..concern laitu kan?)

few days gone by,i met him at pekan and as usual,i greet him with smile and i wasn't thinking bout the money he borrowed from me at all.suddenly he brought the 'hutang talk' by himself."uii..siou..blm cukup duit mau bayar..jan susah,sa mesti bayar juga tu."..i was like,"bah..palan2 baitu"..and after that we say goodbye..

A month later,i crossed path with him again at KB and by the time he saw me,he ran and hide himself to 'i don't even know where'..'strange~'my heart whispered and that is the last time i saw a clever human being,i know you can predict whats going on right?

i wasn't dissapointed with the fact that he wont pay the money that he borrowed from me but the thing that upsets me the most is,he didn't come to me to explain the whole thing..c'mon dude,man up and say your sorry.As a friend,i feel like i've been betrayed coz a friend wouldn't do such thing to another right?God bless him..i hold no grudge to him but a little part of me wish that i should have never lend him the money at the first place considering his behaviour towards our friendship now.He wont return my call or my sms even though i already explain to him that i'm ok with it and the money he got from me,lets just assume that 'saya belanja kau' but still he haven't contact me ever since..kalau saya jumpa dia lain kali,saya kejar dia minta belanja makan! :P

I remember this one friend of mine while i was in high school few years ago.we're living at the same hostel at SMK.narinang..He told me not to borrow money from others and don't let other borrow money from me especially my own friends coz when things go wrong,it will eventually will give bad effect to your friendship and now i totally understand what he was trying to tell me back then..i was like "ooo..begini pula.."

so,next time if a friend want to borrow money from me,i will be extra cautious..bukan tida mau tulung kawan,bukan mau jadi gungkolit but.....(sila baca dari mula)~hahahha!
seboleh-bolehnya jan la bah berhutang aaa...manage your financial wisely and if its really necessary to borrow money from other,make sure you pay them back!

P/s-ALONG is not an option aa..stay the hell away from them!

Peace...BANO & KOLOS,you all bila lagi! :P

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jual Mahal/Playing hard to get?

hey,it's been awhile since i last updated this sooooo-called blog of mine..its not like i'm too busy to make a new update but guess i'm too lazy to do so..sorry mom,its not you,its raised me well but i choose to be a cute way ofcourse..

Actually,i tried so many times to come up with new update on my blog but my mind couldn't think of something nice to time i woke up and so excited to write bout something,i even have a tittle to work on but just about i finished writing the tittle,the idea disappeared in thin air just like,there goes the tittle save as draft,sitting next to the EDIT box waiting for mercy,hoping for miracle that someday the owner will come and complete it...well,Halleluyah tittle,your dream is about to come true..idea,keep hanging there till i finished this update okay?its an order! :P

so..have you ever play hard to get or jual mahal?what is jual mahal anyway?well,i'm not quite sure myself coz i have never in such situation before..i bet its nice to be in one..a person who adores you and wants you to be his/her special someone and you kinda like the person too but when ever they ask you to be his/her sumandak/tanakwagu,you'd be like,"siou..sia bolum ready bah.." or "bagi sia masa la ah.." just to make them want you even more..

You gave them mixed and uncertain messages like,first you say you will
then you say you won't,gave them hope and then you took it back.You really like to be with them but you got your ego and your pride over the roof.The chasing game really excites you that you want to keep the game a little bit longer just to find the satisfaction of watching them putting lots of effort to get you.Especially the girl..girls,don't keep man waiting for too long for your approval,if you want him,grab him..tell ya,patient has never been man's bestfriend..(well,neither do everybody else..everybody have their limit right?) :)

well,its understandable for girls for playing hard to get..maybe because they want to dig up this particular man's quality a little bit more,you know..they don't want to suffer by making bad choice incase the man that she will end up with is actually son of a B**ch!so,girls..take your time but jangan tunggu lama2 kama.. :) ~

As for man,i have friends that claims to have long list of girls waiting for him.."si anu tunggu saya ON saja tu..kalau saya putus sama sumandak saya skrg,baru saya ON sama dia lah.."keeping the girl waiting for him just for a replacement incase his current relationship goes bad..Dude,that ain't cool at all..a real man is a man that knows how to treat woman right with respect!

saya keluar tajuk ka?biarlah..yang penting blog saya kena update..thats all..~wakakaka!