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Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome 2010

so,it's a new year..the year of 2010..i'm so excited to start all over again and it keeps me wondering how my life would be in 2010 but whatever it is,i will live my life to the fullest.i made a few resolution for this new i list it down for you.

new year resolution-
1.i want to be a real photographer.
2.i want to hit the gym and lost another 10kg(by the way i already lost 15kg) live my life to the fullest and will enjoy every second of it.
4.less facebook-ing..or,i should quit at once!
5.God,bless me with someone who can love me and accept me for who i really am!i want to know what love is.
6.make new friends.find a bestfriend. forget all bad things that has happen in 2009 and start a new life.

this is pretty much all of the plan that want to do in year 2010.
2009..what a many joyful things but there was a few bitter moment that caused me to shed a lot of tears.It's sad to leave the all those sweet memories behind but thinking bout the tears i have shed makes me excited to forget all those shit behind and start a new life!

31/12/09-what a and my family had a very good time bbq-ing and just basically hangout enjoying the moment of togetherness while we were waiting for the new year countdown..3..2..1..and when the moment arrived,fireworks are everywhere and it was so damn beautiful.thanks to my camera,i managed to shot a few good pictures of the beautiful firework last night,it was so fun!me and my cousins spent few hours of the first day of new year walking around the kampung visiting our friends home and join their party.i only went back home around 3 am and proceed to my 'sin cleansing' shower..hopefully it will purify me!lol..good bye Reynold 2009 and welcome Reynold 2010..have a good year reynold!

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