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Monday, January 4, 2010

another addition to the family!

so,its still early in the morning and my mom already knocking at my room's door..'what the fuck?!arggh..'i grunt in my heart..pissed off i yelled 'nokuro ti gia idi?!'..i had a very bad flu right now and my head is spinning like crazy and so does my mood..having people waking me up early in the morning really pissed me off..'nosusu no tungau nu..'she said..

so,my cat just gave birth to 4 little baby kitty so i'm like,damn..we can make a little cat zoo since we have 7 of 'em now..truth is,i don't really like cats..i have an asthma so having cats around with their fur and dust is really distrubing..

i came to a conclusion that all the older cats will be test on 'attitude evaluation'!some of the cats have a very bad manners such as stealing food(its not like we didn't feed them enough but i guess they're too're not a friggin Garfield for heaven sake!),kencing merata-rata,berak merata-rata..i hate cat with that kind of whoever failed the test,you either will end up at Pasar ikan Tamparuli or simply at Pasar Besar KB..

sounds cruel but its way better than some people who just simply kill their cat when they don't need them,get your attitude fixed cats!

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