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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

first week..

so,this is the first week the school is open for 2010..i went to Kota Belud to met an old friend and while i was on my way home around 5.30pm,i saw the students(evening session) is already released from school and heading home..

some of the student who lives nearby the school is prefer to walk their feet home and other is picked up by a car but some of the kids is riding their own motorcycle..i'm like,are they allowed to do that?you know how kids nowdays especially the evening session's students..they're just a kid and they're not that tall yet..i mean,some of the student who ride the motorcycle can't hardly reach their feet to the motor's paddle or whatever you call it,i'm not an expert in this motorcycle thingy and they are speeding their way home..

i was surprised at the moment coz if i were a parent,i wouldn't let my child driving alone to school..its too dangerous and i wont take the risk..c'mon..they're like,13-14..they're too young!i blame the parents for this..y'all not doing a very good job!

they're dont even own a licence to drive that thing yet..seriously parent,are you willing to put your kid's life on risk?if you're too busy to drive your kid to school,there still another way to,right?the safe way!

well,the truth is..i drive my own car to school before but it was totally different in my case..i'm 18-19 at that time and i'm old enough to make a decision for myself or should i say,old enough to die...haha!but all those times i've been driving my car to school,i have never even for once speeding on the road coz i know its dangerous..i am a very slow driver,i don't speed unless i need to but those kids with their motorcycle really surprised me a lot..they're not only speeding but they're racing with one and another with big pride and ego minus helmet!..i know its cool to drive your own vehicle to school,been there done that,but still,its just not right!..i have few of my friends lost their life in such young age because of this case..(May their soul be rest in peace)!

so,if you really a parents and you love your kids,start acting like one!

before its too late!

(wow..i could make it as a journalist or a reporter!)hahahahaha!

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