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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jojo's birthday on 31/12/2009

Damn!bukan lg almost forgot tp mmg kelupaan la..31/12/2009(last year..hehe..)jojo threw a birthday party at sungai kadamaian..very simple birthday party..kami makan donut Big Apple ja (i ate 3 of 'em..there goes my fuckin' diet),i wish you all the best in your life and hopefully this new year brings more luck to you!GO FIND YOURSELF A BOYFRIEND DUDE!hahaha!what happen on the party?on the gobian,with borodungal and baku2,we makan2 and have a good time 'til the rain came and we finally decided to go to Giris place and do a little bogey wogey!haha!


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