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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bitter truth,sweet lies..

i'm starting my update today with a phrase'
"i rather be hurt by the truth than to be comforts by the lies"

i always believe that honesty is the strongest foundation in any relationship and there is no,never,such thing as sweet lies,comfort lies,white lies or whatever you call it in any given circumstances because lies will always be lies and no matter how kind or how relevant the excuse of making one,lets say the intention is to cover up the real truth to protect someone from getting hurt by it because its too much to handle or just simply too bury up a stupid mistake that could possibly ruin a relationship or worst,to ruin a trust.

lies will always be wrong no matter how sweet and how fascinating it sounds.for example you compliments your friends for their appearance on one particular day because you don't want them to feel bad and you want to boost up their confidence by giving them insincere credits when the truth is,clown outfit looks better than your friend's ugly dress..wouldn't it be nice if you just tell her the truth so she can change for a better look rather than letting her go out to the public with wardrobe malfunction?its not going to be pretty when your friend found out what you've could destroy a once solid friendship just by not saying the little truth!

as for bitter truth, can't change the fact that truth can be a little hurt sometime but its even more painful when you learn that the truth you've been told all this while was actually just a lies but truth on the other hand,thou its hurt its the real thing.face it and find a way to handle it.stop filling yourself with sweet lies,stop telling others with with lies coz at the end of the day,the truth will come out eventually and you will regret it for not telling the truth at the beginning..

Trust is earned and honesty is the best way to achieve it so bitter truth?sweet lies?i choose truth! :)


echaRierie said... pilih truth jgk !
hehe =D

Reynold Spine said...

sama lah kita..hehe

kabashitor Unlimited said...

saya percaya nda ada bohong sunat kalau Kristian... kalau 'ya' katakan 'ya'... kalau 'tidak' katakan 'tidak'... kan kan kan... hehe

Reynold Spine said...

saya mau cakap iya iya iya..heheh!