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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jual Mahal/Playing hard to get?

hey,it's been awhile since i last updated this sooooo-called blog of mine..its not like i'm too busy to make a new update but guess i'm too lazy to do so..sorry mom,its not you,its raised me well but i choose to be a cute way ofcourse..

Actually,i tried so many times to come up with new update on my blog but my mind couldn't think of something nice to time i woke up and so excited to write bout something,i even have a tittle to work on but just about i finished writing the tittle,the idea disappeared in thin air just like,there goes the tittle save as draft,sitting next to the EDIT box waiting for mercy,hoping for miracle that someday the owner will come and complete it...well,Halleluyah tittle,your dream is about to come true..idea,keep hanging there till i finished this update okay?its an order! :P

so..have you ever play hard to get or jual mahal?what is jual mahal anyway?well,i'm not quite sure myself coz i have never in such situation before..i bet its nice to be in one..a person who adores you and wants you to be his/her special someone and you kinda like the person too but when ever they ask you to be his/her sumandak/tanakwagu,you'd be like,"siou..sia bolum ready bah.." or "bagi sia masa la ah.." just to make them want you even more..

You gave them mixed and uncertain messages like,first you say you will
then you say you won't,gave them hope and then you took it back.You really like to be with them but you got your ego and your pride over the roof.The chasing game really excites you that you want to keep the game a little bit longer just to find the satisfaction of watching them putting lots of effort to get you.Especially the girl..girls,don't keep man waiting for too long for your approval,if you want him,grab him..tell ya,patient has never been man's bestfriend..(well,neither do everybody else..everybody have their limit right?) :)

well,its understandable for girls for playing hard to get..maybe because they want to dig up this particular man's quality a little bit more,you know..they don't want to suffer by making bad choice incase the man that she will end up with is actually son of a B**ch!so,girls..take your time but jangan tunggu lama2 kama.. :) ~

As for man,i have friends that claims to have long list of girls waiting for him.."si anu tunggu saya ON saja tu..kalau saya putus sama sumandak saya skrg,baru saya ON sama dia lah.."keeping the girl waiting for him just for a replacement incase his current relationship goes bad..Dude,that ain't cool at all..a real man is a man that knows how to treat woman right with respect!

saya keluar tajuk ka?biarlah..yang penting blog saya kena update..thats all..~wakakaka!


Rossa said...

At last,finally!u update ur blog..haha! a girl la. we're not playing hard just to get the excitement when ppl fancy us..suka kna usha2..hha..but its true we need time. Kmi ni takut ba enol,mcm ko ckp..mntw tu llki main2 kan..coz tkut kecewa kan..hti prmpn lmbut so klu brek ka or kna tipu,mstila devastated.
Tapi bila timbang2 balik,men pun apa kurangnya kan..msti prnah in the same shoes with the gurl..jdi actually..situasi ni universal bg smua org boy/girl pn pena rsa..btl la yg ko ckp tu..nda bgus main2..

jdi hal cple2 ni bkn la hal yg org pkir senang..susah jga yg susah tu la yg ajr kta mcm2..hmm,rmai org skrg yg anggap cple ni skdr utk suka2,sbp mau ikt prsaan or hati smta2. Pdhal there is more than that..its not just about love or liking others,I call it responsibility. Try to derived responsibility dr segi apa..nnti bnyak la jwpan2 yg kita nmpak..
Ok pnjng komen sy..hha!blogwalking dlu..peace!

Reynold Spine said...

ahihi...btl tu love is a very big responsibility..

Anonymous said...

Woahhh! Im soooo moved! Hahaha.. coming with this great n nice idea! Hahaha.. keep up dude!!

Reynold Spine said...

hehehe..yours is not bad at all!

Fiona Jane Francis said...

hahaha.....this blog is interesting!!
p/s: tara tahu malu jgk tu kawan ko..haha