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Monday, January 4, 2010

i wonder..

hurmm...i wonder how it feels like if i have a very good friend that i can truly call as my's not like i don't have a good friends now but there is a difference between just good friend and a bestfriend..i'm still longing for one thou i know its going to be hard for me coz i have a trust issue..i found it very hard to exactly trust someone with all my heart..i don't know but i used to give my whole trust to someone i call a best friend before and it didn't actually turned out well between us..everything is so different between us nowdays and i miss all the fun we used to have together as a friends but i guess its really over now..

so,what is your idea of a 'bestfriend'?well,for me..a bestfriend is a person who you can trust the most after God..i don't want to sound exaggerating but i do take friendship matters seriously..

why should i get a bestfriend?you probably will say,'go find a girlfriend instead!' but no,all i need is a bestfriend for now..i know i should think about a girlfriend too and starts to think about getting one soon but i have promised myself,i will not accept any woman in my heart if i don't found a person as my bestfriend first..doesn't matter if its boy or girl,i think both gender can make a very good best friend..

hurm(i say this a lot nowdays)..i wonder how it feels to have a man needs bestfriend too?hell yeah!who doesn't?maybe you have different point of view in this but as for me,i'm highly sure that everybody needs a bestfriend and i haven't found mine yet..

maybe i should wear a shirt with 'A BESTFRIEND FOR FREE' written on it and go display myself in the public..hey,that'll work i guess..haha..silly idea..oh well,maybe i should keep on praying till the day is come..HOPE IS ALL I GOT AND FAITH IS ALL I NEED..keeping my finger crossed!


kabashitor Unlimited said...

Well... something for sure... i trust every people but i dont trust the evil inside them... talk to the Tiger,... the Beer cannot betrayed us... hahaha

Reynold Spine said...

haha!good idea!