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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


ok..i'm in a great agony right now..i got fever,headache and toothache all coming at once and this cute body of mine cannot take it anymore!LOL~

well,i don't mind the fever and the headache but the gigi,arghh!i haven't got toothache since i was 8 and now,few years later(MANY YEARS LATER!),it strikes back..after few good years of free-toothache,i somehow forget how it feels like to have a toothache..seriously,was it really hurt like what i'm experiencing now,or was it just me,over-reacting coz this is 'all so new-again' for me?

i don't blame the pain,i blame me for not taking good care of my teeth and failed to maintain the good momentum of having such good and healthy teeth..well.'serves your sorry @$ enol!'..your problem is the result of your own bad behaviour, and you deserve it big time!

bagus saja baini gigi saya but tiba2 itu tampal dia tetanggal(mcm balan2)jadi itu lubang dia terexposed la..its not like i didn't do anything bout it ba..i went to the dentist at Hospital Kerajaan and they keep putting me on appointment after appointment and i got tired of waiting,i was like.."aik..when are they going to fix my teeth ni kalau mcm ni?duluan lagi kena kejar sakit gigi ni drp kena tampal!",here i am now,in pain,cursing the dentist that handle my case!even drinking cold water pun became a very hard thing to do since the teeth so sensitive to it..any contact with cold water will put me in HELL!

last night was a nightmare!Good sleep?hmm..i wish!by the way,i'm going to Tuaran later on to get this problem fixed..can't afford to carry on like this coz i can't bear it any longer!arghh!a friend just recommend me a good Dental Clinic at Tuaran and i can't wait to go..

so,i think thats all for now..i love blogging..if you don't like it,i don't see why i have to give a damn bout it kan?hehehehe!~


Allyn Rossa said...

alaa..sakit gigi ko enol ? sy pun mcm sensetif uda ni klu makan manis2..nda buli suda makan coklat..arggh!
nyway,ba p la ko fix gg ko..ahaha

Reynold Spine said...

hehehe..sudah kena cabut..keteh po!

Anonymous said...

I had my filling a year back but again the same spot is paining...not a little....hence need to go n visit my dentist once curb n protect my self frm further pains...baah....:(( bt in a way it's good Iam takin another half day leave frm this boring bunkas office LOL :) :)

gum grafting said...

Not my kind of feeling. I rather have a high fever.