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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A weekend with vampires~

so,it's been a few days i haven't post any update here and i kinda miss,i'm back on updating..
there is not much to update but i'm still going to continue blah-blah-blah-ing in here coz..ITS MY FRIGGIN' BLOG!...duhhhh! :)

so,my entire weekend this time,i was badly preoccupied by Vampires..i met a lot and boy,turn me into one coz now i'm obsessed with them!Lol~well,i wasn't exactly met one..all i'm saying is,i bought this Vampire Diaries season 1 complete DVD and i'm stuck on my sofa watching it all day through out this weekend.

The Vampires Diaries-i must say,it really got me addicted and i can't wait to have the second season complete DVD..a lot of drama in it,a lot of lip-locking too!haha~oh well..i think my weekend this time around was ok..went to here and there..home..hanging out with friends and family..just the same old stuff..

ok then,i'm yawning pretty bad now and i think i'm off to bed,good night peeps...


Cinoi said...

am addicted to this too!!
i din buy the dvd. i just downloaded it.

siuk kannn

Reynold Spine said...

iyaaa...skrg saya tingu musim 2 punya...bikin ketagih!!

mercellalea said...

kenapa tiba2 kau pun ketagih VD ni? hahaha. sy skrg stuck di season2 episode16 ah. aduuu. tahan ja lah... ahahha. i can finish the whole season 1 and 2 in juts one day :DD paling manang!

Reynold Spine said...

tiba2 saya p membeli itu DVD ingat x siok..rupanyaaaa...bulan april kakah kerual itu ep.17 kan

mercellalea said...

ahh? bahh sedia2 sedia suda sy ni mau download. ngahaha. kenapa mcm si erwin suda tingu gia tu eps17. ee

Reynold Spine said...

aik???mana dia dpt???