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Friday, March 18, 2011

BFF ~Bestfriend Forever :)

so..i was checking up my FB just now on NOTE section and suddenly my eyes caught something...LOL~ i used to write short story before on my early involvement with facebook and this is one of the short story that i wrote myself and without shame,post it on Facebook..

by Enol Spine on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 2:11pm (actual date of the post)

this story is basically about two man with strong friendship and as the matter of fact,this was actually my own conversation with a friend of mind few years back.A person that i consider my very bestfriend that happen to move to 'a place' far away to build a new life.Haven't heard any news from him ever since but hopefully he is doing great with his life,it's been years now but still,miss you so much buddy..wherever you are,you know i got your back!

this isn't the 100% coversation lah but safe to say,its pretty much close..enjoy!


BFF~Bestfriend Forever
by Enol Spine on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 2:11pm

"dude, are really leaving tommorow?"

"yeah man..i finally got the chance to pursue my dream..a dream that i was never expect to happen but it finally did.."

"man i'm so happy for you..congrats.."

"are you ok man?because you doesn't sounds like one.."

"i'm fine really..dont mind me.."

"show some excitement will ya!is this how you treat your bestfriend before he leave the state tommorow?c' me some teeth!"

"stop teasing me!i'm happy and i'm excited,it just..i'm not good at showing it!now stop the tickle thingy!its not funny!"

"what???(burst into a big laugh),man..i'm your best buddy like,forever..this is so not you,you little monkey..where all those crazy dance go??c'mon man.."

"shut the fucking up!..its clear!i'm not happy!"

"because of what?i dont understand.."

"because of you leaving me tommorow..i dont want it to happen.."

"hey,but aren't you the one who encouraged me to do this at the first place?you told me to go for the job interview,saying that you have a good feeling about this and now that its already in my hand,you dont want me to go??"

"oh no..dont get me wrong..i'm happy about the fact that you got this job,that you finally got the chance to spread your wing but i hate letting you go..we're bestfriend,i cant help it but to feel sad and it wrong for me to feel that way?!"

"man,please dont make it any harder for me!i'm the one whose leaving!its twice harder for me!knowing that i'll be facing a new world,a new life without all my friends and family...without you..but this is life..we have to move forward..unlike you..stuck in this place should find out whats life really mean dude!go get a life out there!"

"dude!above all people,i thought as a bestfriend,you would understand more why i'm still here and never leave..if only i could,i'd be gone by now but i have a greater responsibilty here than out there!mark that and dont you ever speak like you know everything bout me!see,you already changed and you haven't even make a single step yet"

"then stop getting in my way!"

"i didnt..have i asked you to stop?NO!"

"damn!why did you have to complicate things up man?"

"i'm just..i'm not used not having you around..whose gonna listen to my stupid break-up story when you're not here?whose gonna laugh at my jokes when i made one?and you havent teach me how to drift a car yet!"

*both laughing*

"silly boy!you deserved a spank in the ass for this damn shit!i'm leaving but it wont change the fact that i'm your best mate..always will and always be..forever!you still can share everything with me and so do i.."

"promise me something dude.."

"anything you said asshole.."

"stop teasing me already!promise me that you will always be there when i need you.."

"i promise! have to buy me a flight ticket for that.."


"easy bro.."

...laugh again....


Allyn Rossa said...

am not being emotional,but i could picture myself in ur story..:)
you both are men's best friend..:)i did hve some talks like that few years back..i guess, heart to heart talk is not easy but there's always something that saying words is not enough.. hope u both still keep in touch..seems like u both r very close..glad u hve fren like that..n i know u'll make a good fren to others too..:)
never 4get friends..they come into our life as blessing..
we always wanted our life to be colorful n meaningful. sometime we 4got that..creating a friendship is one of i always say, to have many friends are wonderful, but its even more meaningful when we could touch their life..:)

Reynold Spine said...

yes we are but sadly,i haven't from him ever since..i'm bit dissapointed with the fact that he is missing in action (MIA) but i just stay positif,hoping that someday we will meet again..who know.. :)

Anonymous said...

seriously, i don't practise 'bestfriends' before.

but i do have bestfriends now :) [haleluuuyah!] and i understand very well how separation hurts.
ah well guys usually have only ONE or TWO bestfriend kan? girls sometimes could hv more than 2 besties. we have more things to share lah tuu.

tapi kan, whats your definition of bestfriend eh?

Anonymous said...

Eee, kenapa anonymous tu??!


Reynold Spine said...

definition of bestfriend?malas saya kau ni..bertny2...wakakak!!!bestfriend- 'trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of and wont leave you no matter what'
ni ja sa buli sakap..hahah!

mercellalea said...

aii punya sy mau tau seja pun. namau sy pi tingu blog kau lagi kalau nda buli tanya2 ni tau. keteh. aagahah

Reynold Spine said...

wakakakak...sudah gia saya jwp tu diiii..haha