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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bathroom Singer/kitchen singer :)

good evening everybody!
how do you like the title of my entry today?ring a bell?LOL~
i know everybody can relate to this topic right?yeah...
bathroom star?kitchen star?..everybody love singing,doesn't matter if you're good at it or not but you just can't help the fact that singing is a very fun thing to do and there is no limit to can sing everywhere you want and whenever you like,out of tune or tone deaf,we don't give a damn..singing is fun and free and everybody can enjoy it!

so,bathroom star?kitchen star?i raise my hand and i rest my case!lol~yeah,i always love singing ever since i was little and until now my singing habit hasn't change a bit..i'm still singing as loud as i can,adding my own original twist to it and cooking..huh?haha..singing in the kitchen is a must for me.doesn't matter when i'm cooking or doing the dirty dishes,singing is always there to 'enter frame'...haha~

how i wish to have karaoke set in my kitchen or in my bathroom but my my mom would be so against it coz she know how severe my singing in the bathroom case is..i could spend hours of time belting high notes in the shower while the water is still running but good thing bout living at kampung,the water is free so you don't have to worry bout the,if you're living in a big city,avoid singing with open running water and if you're singing while cooking for food,jangan sampai hangus aa,especially girl...nanti kena kurang berian..kena cakap tidak pandai masak.. :P

i don't have the greatest voice in the world,that i admit but who care?lets just sing like there's no tomorrow!

p/s: do you know that singing also burn calories?i don't!but according to google,yes it does!but i'm still fat anyway..hahaha!


Allyn Rossa said...

HAHAHAHA ! sy suda agak ! ko mmng terer menyanyi di tuilet..hihihi
betul kaitu ? sy mo nnyi juga la knun..mnatau kurang berat..naik suda berat sy cni enol ! abis la..sejuk kan..jadi cepat rasa lapar..hehe..

Reynold Spine said...

sejuk ka sana skrg??ah..mana botul tu bikin kurus..tingu saya,hari2 nyanyi pun nda juga pandai kurus...apaini!hahah!

mercellalea said...

i have singers in my room :P [including me la tu] hahaha. we even have "glee episode" palying in our college. i guess i can sing everywhere here in kml. ahahHahah
nice one :)

Cinoi said...

Wah betul bah rupanya menyanyi burn calories.

Ah Adibah Noor pun gemuk bah hahahaha

Reynold Spine said...

mer-kau djiangan kama..haha!

cinoi-haha..tu la..jan kita pecaya itu singing bikin kurus..haha

Pink Diva said...

Same habit with me..jejeje

Reynold Spine said...

hehehe..make sure the food dont burn laa a Pink Diva.. :)

mr_mrs mikko said...

nah! aku la itu juga bathroom star!
bathroom idol!

Reynold Spine said...

hahahah!!paling manang laitu bathroom idol!jan ja ada juri laa di bathroom..haha!