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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Too little too late

hey..rajin pula saya update blog this post is one of the short story i used to write on my early involvement with facebook.well,i'm not a very good writer la bah juga but i really enjoy writing ever since i can remember..when i was a kid,i remember writing a 'puppy love letter' to the girl i like and my choice of word if pretty power lah for a 9 year old boy.. :P
i write short poem,lyrics(i can still remember all the words clearly till this day)..pretty jiwang la most of it but it was a very good therapy for me..growing up was a very hard time for me since my dad n my mom got divorced when i was only 9 years old so i turn to pen n paper for a helps me a lot.. :)

tidak mau cakap bnyk la..just enjoy this short story and i hope you can learn something from it.. :)

Too little to late
by Enol Spine on Thursday, September 17, 2009 at 8:01pm

scene ---outside woman house----

MAN - so i guess i'm not getting your answer tonight?

WOMAN - i'm so sorry..i'm still thinking..sorry to keep you waiting..but,i cant give u the exact answer yet.i'm still considering..lets not rush on this babe..

MAN - considering what babe?am i not good enough for you all this while?we've been seeing each other for like,the longest time..whats more to wait?lets take it to the next level..i promise to love you with all my heart and soul..lets not wait any longer just to figure out our feeling..

WOMAN - but..i still wanna have fun..

MAN - so,it's a NO?

WOMAN - i can't say NO neither YES at the moment..i like you but whats the diffrent the "i love you" words will brings?we're still together aren't we?eventhou we're not exactly a couple..beside,i like what we have now..not fully commited..

MAN -so,is that what you afraid of?a commitment?well then..i'm sorry for rushing you into this..i just hope,one day when you are ready to commit on this ,it's not too late for us..

WOMAN - what do you mean about "too late"?are you seeing someone else other than me?are you going somewhere far??

MAN - i'm not going anywhere babe..i will always be here for you eventhou our relationship is nothing more than just a friend and it will never change the way i feel about are my everything..

the man give a long kiss to the woman's cheeks with tears falling down from his eyes."Goodbye babe..thanks for everything.." he said quietly."for what babe?"the woman replied.silent.he turn his back form the woman sight and head to his car.'strange'says her heart..'stop him..ask him to stay the night with you..'says her heart again..but she's too insensitive to understand her feeling..'you love him..u knew it..deep inside..go tell him!'..'ok! stop it!'she's in a battle with her own feeling..

6 a.m in the!after an anxious "sleepless night waiting for tommorow" she had last night,she's instantly reach for her phone the moment she woke up from her 'so-called' sleep and start dialing his number.'this is the day!i will let you know how much i love you and how lonely i am without you around..i'm so sorry for being so hard-headed all this while..'.."what??no answer!",she yelled unpatiently..dialing..again and again..still no answer.."damn!"she grunt.

suddenly the telephone rings.with a hopefull smile she run toward the phone to pick it up.

"hello...jake!thank god u called!i'm sorry for being such a dumbass,hard-headed bitch,you name it,i deserved it but listen to me..jake,i love doubt..i do..i really really do!"

"'s me..jake's mother..."

"what?whr..~ where's jake? he there?..let me talk to him..i got something urgent and important to tell him..please.."

"samantha,jake is here..but he cant talk to you..he will never ever talk to you ever again.."

"was it something i said last night??i admit it..i was insensitive..i'm guilty as charged..but please..i gotta speak with!"

"samantha..jake's gone..."

"what do you mean he's gone?..gone where?"

"he died last nite after he got involved in a car-accident while he was on the way home..i'm sorry samantha..i wish i could break this to you in good way but i guess there's no better way to.."


'noo....i should've stop you last tell you how i really feel..i should have never ever let you go last night..jake..i love you!'

but everything is just too little too late...


Allyn Rossa said...

the title suite very much to this story..
yup,u're a good writer..:)thumbs up!
sad story though..sometime i imagine my love story would end like that..but i was the boy la..hahaha!
anyway, keep writing..u're going to be a good writer..:)

Reynold Spine said...

dosss...the men ended up dead bah..jan keti p jadi tu lelaki...hehehe...thanks my friend..

Anonymous said...

I Dont Like!! Dont Like!!! hahaha.. u know what i mean! i dont like how it ends that way! huhu~

Reynold Spine said...

sabar lah nak...hahah

Alv0808 said... this somewhere but in a different situation..apa2 pun Enol jangan kama ko macam tu hehehe

Reynold Spine said...

tidak kalau saya metiiii...hahah!

Allyn Rossa said...

imagine saja ba enol..tapi sy tia mati kunun p tempat jauh2..hihihi

Reynold Spine said...

hahaha..jauh as in 'rual negara' la kan...hahah!

mr_mrs mikko said...

adeeh! sadis2!
bha buli suda ko wat nobel kunu ni..

kolosz said...

if i can turn back the time like doreamon..hmmmmm

Reynold Spine said...

mr-mrs mikko-hahaha!duiiii..bolum laie bah..hehe...follow aa..

Kolos-ada pengalaman gini ka?huhuhu...

Anonymous said...

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