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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hutang oh hutang..

its 12.30am now and i'm still up..night is still young bilang urang..a bit sleepy but still have the energy to stay up late..actually i was planning to get my sleep a little bit earlier today but as usual,kalanut jg masa..staying up late at night has really been a habit of mine nowdays..i used to sleep at 10.00pm sharp before coz i strongly believe that having enough sleep is a mandatory since many suggests that we have to take at least 8hours of sleep everyday but now,look at me!still rocking my blog (and facebook) :P

its still the first week of the month and i am already running out of money..yeah,its sucks.i bought a second hand PC from a friend of mine last month and since i didn't have enough money to fully purchase it at that time,she generously allowed me to pay for the computer twice..i already pay half of the money last month and i finished paying the left yesterday so now you can consider me as pokai.again, sucks but on the other hand,i feel relief coz i managed to pay my hutang with my very own money.I hate berhutang! :)

so..pernahkah orang berhutang sama kau?yeah,i have few people who owe me some money and they never pay it back.its been months,some even years that if i kasi bunga the hutang,it would probably jadi taman sudah..i'm not saying that i have lots of money, just,who wouldn't help a friend in need right?.."geng,saya perlu duit bah..ada betul-betul minta tulung..nanti saya bayar juga cepat-cepat bah.." He even pinky swear me and as a VERY concern friend(yes i am),i lend him few amount of money(see..saya kasi pinjam juga..concern laitu kan?)

few days gone by,i met him at pekan and as usual,i greet him with smile and i wasn't thinking bout the money he borrowed from me at all.suddenly he brought the 'hutang talk' by himself."uii..siou..blm cukup duit mau bayar..jan susah,sa mesti bayar juga tu."..i was like,"bah..palan2 baitu"..and after that we say goodbye..

A month later,i crossed path with him again at KB and by the time he saw me,he ran and hide himself to 'i don't even know where'..'strange~'my heart whispered and that is the last time i saw a clever human being,i know you can predict whats going on right?

i wasn't dissapointed with the fact that he wont pay the money that he borrowed from me but the thing that upsets me the most is,he didn't come to me to explain the whole thing..c'mon dude,man up and say your sorry.As a friend,i feel like i've been betrayed coz a friend wouldn't do such thing to another right?God bless him..i hold no grudge to him but a little part of me wish that i should have never lend him the money at the first place considering his behaviour towards our friendship now.He wont return my call or my sms even though i already explain to him that i'm ok with it and the money he got from me,lets just assume that 'saya belanja kau' but still he haven't contact me ever since..kalau saya jumpa dia lain kali,saya kejar dia minta belanja makan! :P

I remember this one friend of mine while i was in high school few years ago.we're living at the same hostel at SMK.narinang..He told me not to borrow money from others and don't let other borrow money from me especially my own friends coz when things go wrong,it will eventually will give bad effect to your friendship and now i totally understand what he was trying to tell me back then..i was like "ooo..begini pula.."

so,next time if a friend want to borrow money from me,i will be extra cautious..bukan tida mau tulung kawan,bukan mau jadi gungkolit but.....(sila baca dari mula)~hahahha!
seboleh-bolehnya jan la bah berhutang aaa...manage your financial wisely and if its really necessary to borrow money from other,make sure you pay them back!

P/s-ALONG is not an option aa..stay the hell away from them!

Peace...BANO & KOLOS,you all bila lagi! :P


kolosz said...

hohoho..emm, well enol i have the same experience as yours. It was happened 5 years ago. guess what?until now the person never talk and pay his debt to me! hoho..But, let it bea..i consider is as my money in the heaven!haha

Reynold Spine said...

ya kan kolos...anggap ja sebangai persembahan kasih..nanti double itu rezeki dtg sama kau kan..hahah!

mercella lea said...

kalau sy tu nda tau malu tu minta balik hutang dorang sama sy. HAHAHA. yang berhutang banyak lah. kalau stakat rm2 ndapala.
walaupun kadang kadang sy meradang juga.hihi

p/s: first time commenting you blog. peace spammer :)

Reynold Spine said...

SpamMER-ai..kalau hutang sampai buli bikin belanja itu duit,di lubang jamban cacing pun saya p cari..haha..kalau setakat rm2 bikin beli murtabak itu,kasi halal seja la bah...heheh!

Anonymous said...

WAKAKAKAKAKAKA... i have a HUTANG sama KOLOS.... wakakakakaakkakaka.. asal tenampak muka KOLOS, theres no CASH in my dumpit.... asal theres CASH in my DUMPIT, x nampak muka kolos...ahahahahhahaa.. bah, to kolos: Nanti tym dakat2 da kita mo tarabang p manila la baru sa bayar utang ko yg berjumlah RM1**.00 hahahaha... piss.. :)

Reynold Spine said...

bano-nananana...baayar kama bilang si kolos...hahaha!

Rossa said... turn to drop comment..
hha..i like dis topic. my experience having debt to others: i bought text books frm my senior during my high school. well,i survived having no text book till form3. then after finish high school,take part time job during oliday..then straight away pay the debt..kasi langsai abis tu hutang..:)) perasaan sy b4 sy byar:sy teringat2 tu hutang sy,sy malu bila jumpa senior sy..tapi lepas bayar,sy rasa lega..
p/s:jangaannn kamaa biasa berhutang..bak kata enol..
pastu..kalau eya pun brhutang..ingat2 la..dan bayarla bila ada duit..jgan bwa smpi mati..nnti urg tia kasi halal itu..hha!

Reynold Spine said...

hahahah!saya sukung!jan biasa berhutang n kalau pandai mengutang,pandai la membayar aaa...hahaha..

kolosz said...

enol, yaaah itu poh harapan tu,harta d atas kaka nie..haha

bano, hahaha..lek sha bha...okey sha pun mcm kelip2 ni..skejap ada, skejap teda hahahaha