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Sunday, December 16, 2012

MIA - thalassemia

i don't know much about her,
all i know is she sweet and soft-spoken.
i rarely see her.she spent most of her time in hospital.
i can't remember when was the last time i have spoken to her.

she quit school,
she didn't get married,
she didn't mingle around people that much,
and she rarely went to church on sunday.

few time i heard her in critical state,
but God still wants her to be with her family a little bit longer,
few time she stumbled on the floor and broke her bone,
she got through it.

by the look of her eyes,
i bet she was lonely.
i bet she have dreams too,
i bet she felt so left out watching
her friends to chase their dreams,
to have their own family

she can only wish,she can only watch from her hospital bed.
with a blood running from the tube,
direct to her very viens,
for so many years,
"why God?why me?i'm not mad at you but i'm worn out now.
i feel like i'm a burden to my family.
set them free.SET ME FREE.take me with You"
she beg.

it was a very peaceful afternoon
in the middle of november,
surrounded by loved one,
"Father Lord i am ready.take me home"
He heard her.
Rest in peace.

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