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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby,please forgive me

If i could take the rainbow out of the sky for you,i would but i can't create such miracle.
If i could paint thousands of beautiful images for you,i would but i'm not a great painter,i can only paint dark black and red blood on your canvas.
If i could sing you the sweetest melody in the world,i would sing for you from the moment you open your pretty eyes in the morning until  you close your eyes to sleep at night.
And if i could give you this entire world,i would without a single doubt.

I was wrong,
I was stupid,
How can i be so cruel to you.
Just like a fallen angel,you stormed  your way out in the dark,in the rain.
With a broken wings and shattered faith,you carry your bleeding heart away from me.

I can only watch..
I was as torn apart as you.
To stab you once,i stab myself first twice the harder,twice the deeper.
I have cried long before your first tear.

Forgive me baby,
I love you but i have to let you go.
Be free,tell the world about me.
A man without a heart.

Farewell angel,fly away,away from me~

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