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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sayonara 2012

Sadly,2012 is now just a history.i left 2012 with mixed many sweet and sad memories.

I lost my grandma,rest in peace Ina,i love you.i have so many guilt towards you,i supposed to treat you better but i know you understand where my anger came from.i miss you Ina.forgive me,your stupid grandson.

I lost my grandpa Sumbaki.i love that man.everytime he visit us,he never failed to make me laugh.we miss u much you're at peace with Ina.we love u both,we miss u both.Rest in peace.

I lost my 2 years relationship with someone i love so dearly but thank God we're remain friends.i will never forget you and you will always be in my heart.

I lost a friend.he was bubbly,sweet and funny but i have to let go of him due to unwanted happy darling,wherever you are.God bless.i will never forget you.

My bestfriend got married.time goes by so quickly,my childhood friend is now a wife to someone.she deserved all d happiness in the world.finally girl~

Me?torned by the past,i have hard times to believe in people that claims they love me.i lost faith in relationship for now.i moved on but it taught my heart not to fall in love easily and not to trust day i will learn to love again.i just don't know when.

My resolution for 2013?i want to be a better man.i want to start a little bussiness.have a strong financial status and to start seriously thinking bout starting my very own family.

Dear God,thank you for the years you gave me,2012 taught me a lot.thank you for the joy,it taught me to be grateful.thank you for the hard times,i know its only reason is to make me stronger.

Sayonara 2012.
2013,i'm ready for you.
Come what may,bring it on~

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