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Monday, October 11, 2010

it's hard to say goodbye..

i believe that anyone of us has experienced a situation where you have to say your goodbye to someone..doesn't matter if its just a friend that will go to somewhere far to pursue his study or work,a couple breaking up or sadly,even death..we just can't avoid's like,goodbye is always lurking around in our life..

i'm the example of person that can not tolerate a goodbye even if its just for a took me months or even years to deal with certain goodbye that i've been through in my life and every single day of it was a struggle..

i don't even know why it is so hard for me to handle it.well,dealing with goodbye has never been easy,not for me,not for others coz no matter how long the dealing process is,sadness has always been the big part of it.. i lost few good friends before,wont bother to tell you the reason why but it left me with a big sorrow,and empty dark hole that you just can't seem to avoid and u couldn't help it but to fall down into it deeper and deeper..

i asked few friends for advice.."you need a distraction so that you don't let yourself carried away by it too much",thats what mostly told me to do.."distraction"...hmm..meaning,its just for temporary coz if you're no longer to have that distraction,you'll end up just the way you started it..

so,i just go with the flow..let the time do its job..they say time heals everything..true..but the scar remains there..there is no such thing as big goodbye or temporary goodbye coz at the end of the day,the feeling of losing someone due to unavoidable goodbye is just as terrible..

so,how can you deal with it?don't ask me..i'm not good at it either..never been,never am and never's hard to say goodbye.. :)

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