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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


it's raining here at my kampung and the football match at field have no sign to stop..wah..merdeka spirit..

by the way..i just came back from Telupid..went there yesterday with bunch of friends..yesterday was damn sucks!just 20km from Telupid town,my tayar go pancit..i was like,not's been few times my tayar go pancit this month..probably because of my unstopable mansau habit.."GILAK!" i yelled..i was kinda upset at first because we're stranded at the side of the road and we can do nothing to fix the problem..the spare tayar is useless too since it flat itself..baru jg saya pam minggu lalu bah..

Few minutes stranded on the side of the road,clueless,finally a lady came to us and kindly tell us that there's a workshop nearby..thou the direction she gave us is a little bit confusing,we just shake our head up and down as if we got all the information processed well in our tired brain..

kasi pindik cerita,we got the tayar problem fixed up and proceed to Telupid with no problem..

we decided to make our own little party to celebrate the national day of our country..we went for a little food shopping at Sabindo market..steamboat is the menu!after we successfully got all the materials for our steamboat,we headed back home to a friends lodge..

full tummy and tired,andylowie and i get to the room earlier than the rest to get our beauty sleep..2.00am,black out!tell ya,the temperature is soooo friggin HOT when the kipas goes dead..its like,macam tengahari ja tu kepanasan dia!i bet Telupid people heat-immune sdh!we couldn't sleep coz its too hot..few minutes later,the power is back on business but only for a couple of goes dead again but i'm too tired to curse,plus..i'm too sleepy and i don't care if its hot like hell,i want my beauty sleep!

i woke up early,take my shower coz the night before,i was sweating like a pig!as always,nothing to do in we go tapau some food and eat my friends..2.30 PM,Andy and i hit the road and after an hour and a few minuts later,we arrived safely at Ranau..

i send Andy to his house and i hit the road again but this time,i'm alone..pulled back at kundasang to buy the delicious ayam panggang..back on the road again and SURPRISED! here i am now,home sweet home!Thank you God for your guidance and protection all day long,i'm still alive now..i miss my Mom,my room and most of all..i miss my facebook!hahaha! happy merdeka day everybody!

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