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Monday, March 11, 2013

May 2010~August 2012

There is nothing left to say.
I have no regrets of what has happen between us.
We've been together for so long now and we've been through a lot as a couple.
I remember taking care of you while you were sick.
Singing you a birthday song at 12 Am sharp every 28th July,
Fighting day and night,and make up again.
singing together.having fun,
praying together.
To give you a massage when you need it.
Kissing your forehead silently while you were sleeping.
Those I love you texts,long late night conversation,
the good mornings,good nights,have you eaten yet?
The promises we made,together forever,i will never leave you,
to stay loyal and to be there for each other.

I refuse to sleep everytime we get together because I don't want the time to pass by just like that,
watching you snoring in my arms sleeping like a baby is priceless to me.
You are my baby.
Our first Hello,first date,first kiss,first hug
I remember it like it was just yesterday.
I still can feel the warmth,the love,the soul and the passion.

Driving late at night just to see you,
you know I can't drive well at night due to my poor sight
but I don't mind cause I just want to be with you.
Through the rain and storm,i braved myself.
All I can think of is you.

Do you still remember that one time we went out and the tyre flat all of a sudden
and we're stranded at the side of the road?
You know nothing bout car and to make thing worst,i'm limping cause my gout attacked me.
I can't barely walk.
You have to carry the heavy tyre to get to the side of the road where the car workshop is.
We fix the tyre together in the pouring rain.
Sweet eh? :)

we both pretty broke that time,
with the little money I made,i split it into two so that you can have some.
We don't have much but we have each other and thats all that matters.
You have me and I have you.
Cause you're my everything.

..but all good things must come to an end
we both were badly hurt,
I cried and everyday without you by my side is a day wasted.
I miss you in every step of the way and I know you do too.

The last time we're on the phone,
you said everything has changed.
You met someone new.
You don't call me baby anymore like you used to
You said everything is too late now.
Indeed it is.
I love you,i said.
You didn't answer.
“are you ready to see me with another person?”i asked.
You said you never will.


We cry together
but we know that thing will never go back to where it was
there is no reason left to fight for it.
I asked for a consent to call you 'Baby' for the last time
Go ahead~

“Baby,i will always love you and no matter whoever we're going to end up with,you will always have special place in my heart.Be happy”
“let's not be a stranger.lets meet up sometime”
“Lets not.Cause if we do,i don't think I can ever let you go.let's just stick to whatever we have now.Go on and be happy.i will find my own happiness.don't you worry bout me.i will be good”

Goodbye baby.
Only tears speaking on behalf of us because words is meaningless and we knew its the real ending now.
We finally reached the closure.

Heavy hearted,i slowly hit the 'end call' button,
the end call of 2 years relationship.
I Smiled.
In pain of course but I have no regret.
Some love aren't meant to be.
Well,it was meant to be.
It just didn't meant to be forever.

Farewell Baby~
we've done our best.
Thank you for the wonderful time we had.
Thank you for loving me the best you can.
Best wishes for you and though i'm not there with you,
you know I will always love you.

Just in case you're wondering if I've met someone new,

God,forgive us.
We're just a sinner crying on Your feet.
hunger for love,
longing for happiness,
heal whats broken,
free whats trapped,
lift up the burden
and lead us to Your way.