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Thursday, March 7, 2013

i will always love you~Part 1

It was a beautiful day.
i saw you standing on the stage,singing your heart out to God
and i just can't help it but to fall in love with you.
Singing my favorite gospel song,i was mesmerized by your voice.
My heart beating fast.
this couldn't be.
is it?am i?
dear heart,this is not the best time.i said to myself.

As the music stop,i open my eyes,trying to catch a little glimps of you.
My eyes was following you as you leave the stage to be with your friends.
And then you smiled.
Even not for me,your smile bring the joy to my heart.
I'm drowing.
I'm drowning...DEEPER.

You walked right in front of me
and i just can't find the words to say.
its like the time has stopped for a few second as you walk by.
You didn't noticed me.
Pretending i didn't see you either,i hide around my friends.
You're on the phone and i can hear your laugh and giggle clearly.
'i want to know you'
but how?
Then i remember the church pamphlet.
I rushed back to the church looking for it but i just couldn't find one.
I won't give up.
I went  for the rubbish bin and i found what i'm looking for.

I read the whole paper.
My heart is jumping of joy as i saw the email address of your church Youth group in facebook.
I just can't wait to reach home from our sunday service at your church so that i can find you on facebook.
I throw down my bag and headed straight to my computer,log on my facebook account and start searching for you through the group.
Got you!
I hit the ADD button and wait excitedly for your approval. be continued...

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